In what would appear to be a political first in the state, the Nebraska Democratic Party is considering backing an Independent against Senator Deb Fischer.

In an exclusive on-camera interview with NCN’s Joe Jordan, Jane Kleeb—the head of the Nebraska Democrats—says “there is a possibility” the party will support Dan Osborn against Fischer, a two-term Republican.

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As we’ve reported, as she runs for a third term in 2024 Sen. Deb Fischer. a Republican, is no longer unopposed. 

Omaha union leader and Navy veteran Dan Osborn is taking Fisher on.

Dan Osborn Ad, Senate Candidate (I):  "If something's broken, I roll up my sleeves and fix it."

But Osborn, Navy veteran and labor leader who says he gained "national attention" two years ago leading the "successful strike" at Kellogg's in Omaha saving "500 middle class jobs” is running as an Independent, not a Democrat. And Democrats are still looking for their challenger to Fischer.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “There’s an Independent already running, Dan Osborn. His resume looks like a Democrat; Navy veteran, labor leader. How come he’s not running with you guys?”

Jane Kleeb, NE Democratic Party: “So we love Dan, we know Dan from the picket line. We supported the workers against Kellogg’s, so I got to know Dan closely at that time.”

And then KIeeb adding a potential Nebraska political first:

Jane Kleeb: “I think it could be very interesting for our state for Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents to all come together with the one goal of breaking up the one-party rule at the top of the tickets in our state.”

Joe Jordan: “So there’s a possibility that the candidate running against Deb Fischer won’t be a Democrat, it might an Independent with the Democratic Party behind Osborn?

Jane Kleeb: “There is a possibility that we will support Dan as an Independent, as a party. The only way we’re going to win statewide is with Independents and Democrats coming together, as Chair I know that. So,

it’s something that we’re exploring.”

We’re expecting to hear more from Osborn later this week.