One year ago the Nebraska Legislature was stuck.

One filibuster after another, upsetting some lawmakers and keeping some bills from debate.

This year a potential rule change is in the wind.

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Speaker of the Legislature, John Arch (R): “We certainly have the opportunity to work together to make the state of Nebraska stronger that is that is the prime opportunity that we have.”

Speaker of the Legislature, John Arch trying to keep the peace this year following a stormy six months last year. One of the keys to peace, a rules debate aimed at making everyone happy. I’m Joe Jordan in Lincoln.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “The rules debate is scheduled to last a day or two, could be extended a couple more days after that. At least that’s what the schedule says for now.”

One of the key unknowns a move to speed up so-called cloture votes, which would shut down filibusters faster.

State Sen. Steve Erdman, Bayard (R): “49 people voting it takes 33 votes. If there's 48 people voting it takes 32 and so it just continues to decrease the number needed for cloture. But it's always 2/3 of those voting.”

A year ago, State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh filibustered furiously but failed to try and derail a transgender bill making it illegal for anyone under 19 to have a sex change.

This year State Sen. Kathleen Kauth is pushing legislation keeping boys out of girls bathrooms and off girls' sports teams.

The Speaker appears well aware of the potential pitfalls ahead. 

Speaker Arch: It's hard work to focus on the merits rather than devolving into personal attacks. As a representative form of government we should not be surprised that we find division within our body our society is divided but what we must develop is the ability to have passionate but civil discourse on very difficult subjects that's going to take everyone's commitment to work together to craft legislation that allows the majority to govern however you define majority with respect to minority input however you define minority.”