As News Channel Nebraska first reported several months ago, the Nebraska Democratic Party is considering a highly unusual political move, made even more unusual by a key policy difference involving assault weapons.

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The Democratic Party, instead of getting behind its own Democratic candidate against Republican Sen. Deb Fischer, is considering hooking up with independent candidate Dan Osborn.

Dan Osborn, Senate Candidate (Independent): “The person I'm running against promised two term limits when she first started out in the Senate. Now she is running for her third term, not that anybody's keeping track.”

Fischer who was not immediately available for comment, has won two landslide elections both against Democrats, including former Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey.

Osborn: “Send the political party bosses the same old crowd, the predictable and failed folks to fix what they broke.”

And now we have word from Jane Kleeb the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party that this tag team approach with Dan Osborn is highly likely. Kleeb telling me that she's “pretty sure” the party will endorse Osborn in March.

An endorsement likely to come with some bumps in the road. Take for instance, endless school shootings.

Osborn: “I think we need to focus on the root cause which is mental health. How much of these crimes could have been prevented if they had better access to mental health, people to talk to within their schools, and training for teachers, educators, to be able to pick out the problem signs and students and be able to get in there and help them before it's too late.

The 48-year-old Osborn, says he gained national attention two years ago as a labor leader heading up a successful strike at Kellogg's in Omaha, saving 500 middle class jobs.

He'll need 4,000 ballot signatures by September in order to make the ballot as an independent.