Nebraska’s new voter ID law takes effect soon, just in time for the May primary.

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While opponents of the new law call it unnecessary, that there’s no vote fraud in Nebraska, many of those pushing for voter ID have long argued that when you buy alcohol, cigarettes, or get on a plane you have to provide a photo ID, so why not when voting.

But guess what? It is possible to vote in the May Primary without, that’s right without showing your picture.

Take a look at my recent give and take with Douglas County Election Commissioner Brian Kruse.

Joe Jordan, NCN: If I vote on May 14th in person at the polling place the poll worker looks at my driver’s license, my picture, says "Oh yeah that's you,' if I vote by mail nobody's looking at my photo ID right?"

Commissioner Brian Kruse, Douglas County Election Commissioner: "That's right."

Jordan: "So, when I do a mail in ballot then it's not a true photo voter ID?"

Commissioner Kruse: "I suppose you could say that yes. But there is a safety mechanism in place. We always check the signatures on request and on the ballots with our statewide voter registration system."

The bottom line, Nebraska has voter ID, but not necessarily photo ID.