Voters in one Nebraska school district are sticking to their guns tonight and will likely force officials to regroup.

At stake are millions of taxpayer dollars.

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Officials at one Metro area school district have been hoping the 2nd time is the charm.

Voters in Bennington have been asked to shell out millions of dollars to OK a hefty bond issue.

Two years ago, voters here shot down a $150 million dollar bond issue, that was largely aimed at building a 2nd high school, but it also included other changes, such as more security and laying the groundwork for another elementary school.

This year’s bond issue, with Bennington High getting more and more crowded is only about that 2nd high school, and the voters have spoken.

In this heavily Republican school district, 49 percent Republican, 27 percent Independent, and 23 percent Democrat the bond issue, once again came up short:

Against: 51 percent, 3,187. In favor: 49 percent,3,009. That's a difference of 178 votes.

In 2022, 67 percent of the voters here voted against the bond issue, which would have raised property taxes on a $500,000 home an estimated $490 a year.

This time around that had been cut in half and officials say the green light would increase taxes on that $500,000 home $245 a year.

But again, the bond issue failed, in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats nearly 2-1.