All sides are digging in their heels over Gov. Jim Pillen’s major move to cut property taxes.

A vote expected this week is now on hold.

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Gov. Jim Pillen is looking to raise the state sales tax from 5.5 % to 6.5%, that jump to pay for his push to cut property taxes by 40 percent.

And the fight is on.

State Sen. Lou Ann Linehan (Elkhorn (R), who is leading the charge behind the sales tax hike, says her bill is being attacked with "misinformation."

But she’s got critics on the left and right.

Take conservative Sen. Steve Erdman, (Bayard (R): “This doesn’t solve the problem.”

Open Sky, the left leaning think tank, says the wealthiest 20 percent of Nebraskans would pay lower taxes, while low-and middle-income taxpayers would pay more.

State Sen. John Fredrickson, (Omaha (D): “A sales tax is a very regressive way of taxing folks, disproportionately affect Nebraskans who are of lower income. I’m opposed to a flat sales tax increase.”

State Sen. Terrell McKinney, an Omaha Democrats complaining that the plan hurts the poor and helps the rich.

Sen. Linehan says she wants to see the "numbers" behind that argument.

The right-wing Americans for Prosperity are touting a poll that says 70 percent of Nebraskans oppose raising the sales tax to cut property taxes.

A vote not likely before next week.

One lawmaker warning that anyone who votes to "raise taxes" will lose reelection in November.