OMAHA, Neb. -- Immigrant students in Nebraska are benefiting from a scholarship that aims to improve their future.

Since 2013, more than 300 students have received the True Potential scholarship, which is completely privately funded thanks to Karen and Ross Pesek. 

“When I hear stories about young people, you know not being able to study, not being able to move forward and do what they want to do with their life, it didn’t seem right to me," Ross said. "I was a pretty young lawyer at the time, I was only 25, so you know hearing somebody who’s 18 tell me that they can’t get a scholarship even though they’re clearly deserving, it wasn’t right. So I wanted to do something about it.” 

The scholarship helps immigrant students afford to attend college. The program has grown so much that organizers have now partnered with different community colleges.  

The scholarship is for any immigrant students. 

There is no deadline for applying and scholarship is for full tuition. 

You can find more information at