It's Primary Day in Nebraska and voter turnout is expected to be about 35 percent.

NCN's Joe Jordan with a look at the voting and some key races, including the Republican Primary for the 2nd Congressional District.


Congressman Don bacon voting early this morning; he's in a Primary battle against fellow Republican Dan Frei, the winner to take on Democrat Tony Vargas in the fall.

The Republican Party hoping to come together at that time.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “If you win the primary do you need Dan Frei’s endorsement to win in November?”

Rep. Don Bacon, Nebraska 2nd District (R): “You know he didn't endorse us this last time in 2022. But I hope to have it because in the end we agree on the core issues of pro-life, we believe that controlling the regulatory environment helps our businesses grow.  I do believe we need fiscal responsibility. You know two years ago he said he wanted Tony Vargas to win. Think about this; we have a one seat majority today with Tony in that seat we would actually have speaker Hakeem Jeffries.”

Joe Jordan: “If you lost today would you endorse Dan Frei?”

Rep. Bacon: “Yes, I have in have supported Republicans up and down the ballot.”