The message Black Votes Matter is scattered throughout North Omaha, the state’s single largest pocket of Black Voters.

Part of a key nationwide voting bloc that according to polls is slipping away from Democrat President Joe Biden.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “There’s been some polling done that says Donald Trump is gaining black votes over Joe Biden. You agree?”

Preston Love, Senate Candidate (D): “I do not agree, I think it’s a conversation worth having. They will vote for Joe simply because they don't feel comfortable voting for the Republican. That's really not what I would consider to be good thinking, but it surely is the way it is.”

Democrat Preston Love, who has spent years locally and nationally trying to increase Black turnout, is running for the Senate, an uphill climb, against Republican incumbent and former Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts.

Sen. Tim Scott, South Carolina (R): “Is this Donald Trump, I can’t hear you.”

Sen. Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate, is hoping to be Trump's running mate.

A Republican from South Carolina, Scott is launching a multi-million dollar effort to get Black and Latino voters to support the GOP in 2024.

And for now, those polling numbers are stark.

Biden down nearly 27 points with Black voters since 2020, one CNN analyst describes it this way.

Harry Enten, CNN Senior Political Data Reporter: “It’s a huge alarm, it’s spiraling, it’s ambulance, it’s police sirens, any alarm you can think of. That’s what should be going off on the Democratic side. These numbers to be honest could be deadly to Joe Biden’s campaign.”

Rep. James Clyburn, National Co-chair, Biden Campaign: “I know this, what I keep hearing about the loss of support among African Americans by Joe Biden is not when I'm hearing when I go into barbershops, and I go into churches man. I just don't see anything else if you're telling me that Joe Biden has lost 17 points from what he got with African Americans the last time out. I don't see or feel that, uh, and that Trump is going up by 17 points. I don't see that either.”

Jordan: “How do you account for the polling, you think it's just wrong?”

Love: “I do, and I think people are having fun this time with their answers.”

Jordan: “One of the arguments in the Trump conviction is getting support from young blacks who say you know I got railroaded by the system just like he did. I'm going to be with Trump.

“The Breakfast Club,” Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, Caller 1: “I feel like Trump got did dirty and I don’t trust the system at all…after you’ve been railroaded by the system, and you see that when you walk in the courtroom. If they want you to be guilty you're going to be guilty.”

Love: “Yeah, well a straightforward answer on that. Most of that talk was by people who are not registered and who will not vote.”