BELLEVUE -- Some teenagers spend their free time at the movies; Others, creating movies. In fact, students in Omaha were honored this month for creating a documentary. 

"I was really proud to bring this victory to Bellevue," said Robyn Boyland, a student at Bellevue West High School. Boyland and classmates Arlene Garcia and Jamie Bryant filmed and created "One Nation Under God"; a documentary that won $250 from C-SPAN, last week. 

"We tried to choose a topic that related to not just a specific region or not just one demographic," said Jamie Bryant, who was excited to put the money toward college. 

C-SPAN's 'StudentCamp' competition prompted kids around the nation to answer the question "How does the federal government impact your life?" More than 3,000 students answered the question. For the Bellevue West High Schoolers, the answer was in the separation of religion and government. 

"That was probably the best [idea] because we got a whole lot of opportunities and perspectives from each person we interviewed," said Arlene Joanna Garcia. 

"We all, all three of us, had different experiences with that, and we felt that it was really relevant because it's applicable to everyone in America," said Boyland.

Boyland noted, she's eager to learn more about the topic.

"We are blessed to live in a country where we can have our voices heard so I would tell everyone to speak up." 

The 150 winning videos can be viewed at