A move by state lawmakers to get more money in the hands of people struggling to pay their rent, water and heat hits the fan tomorrow.

A vote to override Gov. Pete Ricketts’ veto of an additional $120 million in federal rent assistance is scheduled for Tuesday.

The City of Omaha has received good-sized chunks of the emergency funding.

NCN’s Joe Jordan spoke with Mayor Jean Stothert about the upcoming vote.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: “Do you want to see the Legislature override the governor’s veto for rental assistance?”

Mayor Stothert: "Override the governor's veto assistance for ERAP or the Emergency Rental Assistance Program? You know the governor, it’s my understanding, I haven't talked to him directly, but he said no because you know they had from ERAP One money leftover that we got. As far as the Legislature goes Joe, I am not going to be out there lobbying the Legislature to override the governor’s veto. I understand his position with that.”

Ricketts has argued for several weeks that no extra funds are needed because there are still millions of dollars sitting in the original rental assistance fund that people have not applied for.

According to the governor, “We’re not trying to create a welfare state here, We want to ask for assistance when we need it. That’s the Nebraska way.”

A bill forcing Ricketts to apply for the money recently passed with 26 votes, four short of the 30 needed to override.