The highly publicized court fight between State Sen. Julie Slama and Charles Herbster, who is just off his loss in the GOP race for governor, is reaching far beyond Nebraska. 

According to some of the latest legal filings and sources close to the case, Herbster is trying to shut down Slama’s push to hear, up close and personal, from several of Herbster’s top campaign advisors, including three national figures with close ties to former President Donald Trump.

Leading that trio is Kellyanne Conway, who was Herbster’s national campaign manager.

Just weeks before the primary, in the thick of allegations, all denied by Herbster, that he sexually assaulted Slama and six other women—five have remained silent, while Elizabeth Todsen has joined Slama on the public stage—Conway was making the case that the accusations were a last-ditch attempt by Gov. Pete Ricketts to keep Herbster out of the governor’s mansion.

Conway telling fellow Trumper Steve Bannon’s April 24 “War Room” podcast:

“Pete Ricketts is in his last term as Governor of Nebraska. He does not want Charles Herbster to succeed him. He wants a guy named Jim Pillen to succeed him. Pillen is a terrible candidate. Nothing was working. Charles has been the front runner. And so, they lay this down. They've got women coming forward. They were shopping this around for a long time. We know that is a fact. Mark Meadows (Trump’s chief-of-staff) told Charles Herbster last year, ‘Be careful, because I heard that they’re going to try to come after you with some kind of sexual allegations.’”

Apparently eager to test Conway’s comments in court, Team Slama is aiming a subpoena at Conway, a subpoena Team Herbster is battling, telling the court on Monday, “Any and all correspondence between Conway and any journalist or media outlet” is vastly overbroad and has no bearing on the subject matter of this lawsuit as phrased by Defendant.”

And Conway’s subpoena is just the start.

Subpoenas are also targeting former Trump strategist Corey Lewandowski, and Trump loyalist David Bossie, who both were on hand and roundly applauded by Herbster, as he conceded to Pillen on Primary night in Lincoln.

Herbster: “Let’s bring them up, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie. These guys are fighters. They know how to fight, they’re fighters. And if you haven’t seen the new movie ‘Rigged’ that David Bossie just introduced here about three weeks ago, you need to see that new movie, it’s incredible.”

The Washington Post is reporting that ‘Rigged’, produced by Bossie, alleges that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, while “post-election audits have not found evidence of fraud that would have changed the outcome.”

As for those Lewandowski and Bossie subpoenas, Herbster is fighting those as well, along with subpoenas for Herbster campaign manager Ellen Keast, campaign spokeswoman Emily Novotny and his executive assistant, Michelle Keithley.

A hearing on these latest legal maneuvers is scheduled for June 14.

Following Slama’s accusation that Herbster groped her, he filed a lawsuit accusing her of slander, she then counter-sued seeking unspecified damages for sexual “battery.”