City officials estimate this year's College World Series, the first true fan-friendly contest since the pandemic hit, will have an $88 million economic impact to the Omaha metro area.

The first pitch is set for tomorrow (Friday) at 1 p.m. and whether its outside or inside Charles Schwab Field, Omaha Police are promising to be in their words, "proactive and diligent."

In addition, officers will also step-up patrols along the nearby riverfront and Old Market.

As always there’s a long, long list of items not allowed in the stadium. Leading the list “weapons of any kind” and that includes fake weapons, objects resembling a weapon and for those with concealed carry permits you’re advised that that permit is no good in or around the ballpark.  

In recent years fans going into the ballpark were checked with security wands. Well, no more. Starting this year fans will walk through metal detectors. According to police it will quote, “enhance and expedite” entry into the ballpark.

Clearly though the first line of defense is the fans themselves.

Police urging that any “suspicious behavior” or “unattended items” be reported immediately as they emphasize what they emphasize every year, “If you see something, say something.”