He didn’t name names, but Gov. Pete Ricketts today accused a few lawmakers of playing games with the abortion issue.

Last week Ricketts announced that there would not be a special session on abortion because the pro-life forces could only muster 30 votes, three votes short of the number needed to stop an expected filibuster.

Today Ricketts noted that while he supports a full ban on abortion, he was willing to compromise.

According to the governor, that’s when he found out some members of the Legislature couldn’t be trusted.

Gov. Pete Ricketts: “I was supportive of the complete ban that we had earlier this year. we floated the idea of doing 12 weeks to the Legislature. Unfortunately, we found out we had a couple of senators who were clearly playing games, who voted for the complete ban and then would not come back and work on a 12-week ban. So, we clearly had some senators who were not being honest with their constituents on this but they'll be term limited out

Nebraska law currently prohibits abortion after 20 weeks.

It's expected the next regular session of the Legislature which begins in early January will once again take up the issue of further abortion restrictions.