Unlike Washington, lawmakers in Lincoln quickly, and without a fight, named a new Speaker today.

No one challenged State Sen. John Arch, a Republican from LaVista, who was elected unanimously.

In addition to Arch’s election as Speaker, more than a dozen new lawmakers were sworn in today.

Two have served before, Republican Marv Riepe of Ralston and Democrat Danielle Conrad of Lincoln.

Meanwhile, all the talk about ending the Nebraska Legislature’s secret ballot when it comes to voting for top leaders ended with no punches thrown today and the secret ballot still standing.

Despite speculation that the issue would cause a major uproar it wasn’t even discussed on the floor.

It appears the future of the secret ballot will be the focus of a rules debate later this month.

The issue took center stage several month ago when Charles Herbster, who ran in the GOP primary for governor and lost, all but demanded lawmakers announce their support for an open ballot and an end to secrecy.