LINCOLN -- As flags across Nebraska were lowered to half staff Tuesday remembering the victims of the country’s latest mass school shooting—three nine-year-olds and three adults in Nashville—state lawmakers ramped up their push to make it easier to carry a hidden firearm.

Controversial legislation so-called “Constitutional Carry” cleared the halfway mark of debate.

At the same time critics, led by State Sen. Jane Raybould of Lincoln, continue to note that the police chiefs and mayors of Lincoln and Omaha oppose State Sen. Tom Brewer’s long-fought law; the police chiefs insisting it will make the state’s two biggest cities less safe.

The bill needs one more vote before it would head to Gov. Jim Pillen’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

But critics insist it’s not a done deal and they will continue to fight.

Currently in order to carry a concealed weapon, you have to complete a handgun training and safety class and pay $100 for a state permit.

Brewer’s legislation would end both those requirements.