Nebraska’s new 12-week ban on abortions has survived its first court challenge, all part of the battle over abortion and restrictions on health care for transgender minors.

A Lancaster County judge ruling Friday that the ban does not violate the Nebraska Constitution’s so-called “single subject” rule.

An appeal is likely.

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When Gov. Jim Pillen signed into law a new 12-week abortion ban and restrictions on health care for transgender minors he set off a major legal fight.

Gov. Jim Pillen: “We’re just getting started when it comes to taking care of kids and saving babies.”

That battle heard statewide during a lawyer filled Zoom court hearing last month, as opponents argued the new law is unconstitutional, that the two provisions wrapped into one bill violate Nebraska’s so-called “one-subject rule.”

Matthew Segal (Attorney for those opposed to the law): “To accurately say what this bill is about you have to say two things, you have to say that it’s about an abortion ban, and you have to say it’s about restrictions on gender affirming care.”

Eric Fern: (Assistant Nebraska Attorney General): “The Nebraska Legislature in its authority and within its discretion has identified individuals that they intend to protect preborn children and children that would be subject to transgender care, all in the interest of public welfare.”

Lancaster County District Court Judge Lori Maret has now ruled that the 12-week abortion ban stands as is, noting that “courts should be careful not to unduly interfere in the legislative process,” adding the new law “does not violate the ‘single-subject rule.’”

An appeal by Planned Parenthood appears likely.