A relatively new law forcing cities, counties, and school boards to hold public hearings this month when their tax revenues jump, has some calling for the state's taxpayers to show up and be heard.

One of those hearings is next week in Omaha.

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Platte Institute Video: “Nebraska is home to the 7th highest property taxes in the nation and staggering valuation increases.”

That’s the Platte Institute, the state’s leading, politically right leaning, think tank, upset and looking to draw attention to a somewhat little-known new law, so-called Truth in Taxation.

Platte Institute Video: “Truth in Taxation mandates public hearings for local subdivisions seeking to increase tax revenues by 2 percent or more.”

This year’s public hearing for Douglas County taxpayers is this Wednesday at the city-county building. And it finds six subdivisions on stage: Omaha, Ralston, Douglas County, Metro Community College, Bennington Public Schools, and Omaha Public Schools.

The City of Omaha has already heard complaints, following the mayor’s budget request for next year.

Mayor Jean Stothert, Omaha (R): “Our proposed budget for next year includes our fourth property tax rate reduction of two percent.”

Linda Boris, Omaha Taxpayer: “Lower the 2024 levy more than a mere 2% as the city has been taking advantage of increased valuations.”

Dennnis Schweis, Omaha Taxpayer:  The valuation on my house increased by 20% this year, by $40,000 this increase means that my property taxes also will go up.”

And one of the Legislature’s top tax watchdogs, couldn’t agree more.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “Mayor Stothert has what she calls a property tax rate cut.”

State Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, Revenue Committee Chair, Elkhorn (R): “They need to be honest if people are going to pay more property taxes mayors, county board members need to say you're going to pay more property taxes even though we lowered the levy.”

Back at the Platte Institute, in a recent email to taxpayers, the top man, Jim Vokal, calls the tax talk, “A recipe for local officials to play the shell game and spend the windfalls, all the while continuously raising your property taxes.”

Wednesday’s hearing begins at 6 p.m.