Earlier this year Omaha Steaks, and company after company across Nebraska, urged Gov. Jim Pillen and state lawmakers to denounce legislation banning abortions after 12 weeks and limiting health care for transgender minors, arguing that, “States that sanction discrimination simply cannot compete.”

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But the bill passed, and Pillen signed it.

Gov. Jim Pillen: “We will have the safeguards necessary to protect our babies way from the beginning.”

Commissioner Maureen Boyle, Douglas County: “I think it's an uphill struggle to get the professionals you're looking for just because of the laws of the State of Nebraska.”

Douglas County Commissioner, OB-GYN Dr. Maureen Boyle recently telling the new head of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Heath Mello, that when it comes to adding workers, he’s got his work cut out for him.

Commissioner Boyle: “Physicians, when they're finishing their training, they're basically crossing off the list any job in a state that has these backwards laws.”

Earlier this year I spoke with Governor Pillen.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: “Governor, the workforce issue being what it is aren't you concerned that dozens and dozens of companies, including Omaha Steaks, have questioned your signing of the transgender legislation arguing that it's going to drive workers from the state and make it harder to bring workers into the state?”

Gov. Jim Pillen: “You know we've been we've been perfectly clear for the folks that are trying to make that discriminatory that, no pun intended, that's hogwash. It is simply committed to protecting our kids; making sure that kids are protected like we do.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “And you don't think it will stop people from coming into Nebraska?”

Gov.Pillen: “No, not at all. We all believe, Nebraska believes, our kids are our future, and we all believe in protecting our kids.

But at least two new studies indicate otherwise.

According to the Green Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, after the Supreme Court threw out Roe v Wade, 17.6 percent of resident physicians graduating from nationally recognized Ryan Program abortion training indicated the court ruling “changed the location of (their) intended future practice.” In addition, residents “who intended to practice in abortion-restrictive states were eight times more likely to change their practice plans than those who planned to practice in (abortion) protected states.”

And the Journal of General Internal Medicine found the vast majority, 82.3 percent, of current and future doctors “preferring to work or train in states with preserved abortion access. In addition, 76.4 percent of the 2,000 physicians who responded also said they “would not even apply to states with legal consequences for providing abortion care.”

Joe Jordan, NCN: “In August, opponents of the new Nebraska law, with those abortion and transgender restrictions, came up short in a legal fight, losing in a Lincoln courtroom. But they’re appealing the case to the Nebraska Supreme Court. At the same time, come January, conservative lawmakers are planning additional transgender legislation, legislation opponents say will only further target transgender youth.”