U.S. Senate hopeful Dan Osborn, who supports the legalization of marijuana, tells News Channel Nebraska he has used the drug, but only moments after first denying it.

The unexpected reversal from ‘no-I-didn’t,’ to ‘yes-I-did’ came during an on-camera interview, as Osborn—who has never run for public office before—launches his Independent bid against incumbent Republican Sen. Deb Fischer.

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As she runs for a third term next year, so far Republican Sen. Deb Fischer’s only opponent, is Independent Dan Osborn.

Dan Osborn, U.S. Senate Candidate (I): “You’re going to have to bear with me, I just finished, I just finished my speech this morning.”

Best known for his union role in the strike against Kellogg’s two years ago, Osborn’s campaign kick-off found him insisting that Washington is broken, and both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

For the most part he left specific issues alone, but his Osborn for Senate website lists several.

One finds him looking to “legalize and tax medical cannabis” nationwide. He also wants to “stop wasting taxpayer dollars on putting people in prison for cannabis crimes.”

Both the medical and recreational use of marijuana are illegal in Nebraska.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “You support legalizing medical marijuana.”

Osborn: “Correct.”

Jordan: “Would you support legalizing recreational marijuana?”

Osborn: “Yes. I would support legalizing recreational marijuana, and this is why. You look at Colorado for an example to go off of. And they utilize their tax profits from marijuana and it goes back into  the school systems. The tax money should also be used to set up rehab centers for people as well.”

Jordan: “Have you ever smoked marijuana?”

Osborn: “No.”

A few moments later our interview was over, or so I thought, because Osborn had a question for me.

Osborn: “Can you ask me, can you ask me the marijuana question again?”

Jordan: “Sure, I think I began…”

Osborn: “Because I don’t want to lie about it.”

So, I asked, again.

Jordan: “Have you ever used marijuana?”

Osborn: “Yes, I’ve tried marijuana in the past?”

Jordan: “A lot?”

Osborn: “No. No. I did not like the short-term memory loss I experienced from it, so I’ve only done it a handful of times.”

Osborn’s Senate bid is his first run for public office, a decision that even surprised his mom.

Dee Osborn, Dan Osborn’s mom: “When Dan first called and told Gary and I that he was considering running for office I said, ‘State Senate, right?’ He goes, ‘No.’ He set me straight, it was the big leagues.”

Jordan: Regarding Sen. Fischer and marijuana, she is on the record clearly opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana, coming out against it in 2015. As for the legalization of medical marijuana, we’ve tried to contact her asking if she is for or against it. But so far Fischer has not responded.