Slapped down by his own party this week, State Sen. Mike McDonnell tells News Channel Nebraska’s Joe Jordan the move will have “no” bearing on his decision to run or not run for Omaha mayor in 2025.

The Douglas County Democratic Party's decision, which includes not contributing to McDonnell’s future campaigns, follows the South Omaha lawmaker’s votes last year restricting abortion and transgender health care for minors.

As he has in the past, McDonnell stands by those votes telling NCN, “I am a Christian and a member of the Roman Catholic Church. This is more important to me than being a member of the Douglas County Democrats. I continue to be Pro Life!

All this comes as we learn just how much money McDonnell and others looking at the mayor’s race (spring, 2025) have scraped together.

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During a November streetcar update, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert wouldn’t say she’s running or not running for re-election in 2025.

Joe Jordan, NCN: "Mayor you haven't said yet if you're running for reelection."

Mayor Jean Stothert, Omaha (R): "No, I haven't."

Jordan: “If you thought the next mayor might try to stop the streetcar would that make you more likely to run?

Mayor Jean Stothert, Omaha (R):  "You know if I decide to run or not, it's not going to be based on the streetcar or who else is running. But for the voters that decision is who is the one that is going to keep the momentum going; so, we can continue to meet the goals that we have been meeting that's what the voters are going to be concerned with."

And Stothert’s latest campaign cash account gives few clues as to which way she’s leaning.

According to just released numbers, she raised $177,000 last year, spent $101,000. She starts 2024 with $109,000 in the bank.

A long way from the $1-point-1 million dollars she spent winning her last campaign in 2021.

And then there’s the other mayoral maybes:

Democrat City Council President Pete Festersen, Republican City Councilman Brinker Harding and State Senator, Democrat, Mike McDonnell.

Festersen didn’t raise any money in 2023, but did spend big on a poll, we now know it cost $38,000.

While that price-tag is just out, the poll was no secret at City Hall.

December, 2023:

Harding: “He ran the poll. I asked him how I did in the poll because I know he tested my name along with Senator McDonnell and Mayor Stothert, so I asked him how I did."

Jordan: “Did he answer?”

Harding: “No, which probably means I did pretty well…If he’s not going to tell me how I did, I must have done pretty well, right?"

Jordan: “Are you running for Mayor?”

Harding: “I haven’t made any decisions yet. I really love doing what I’m doing right now, Joe.”

Harding didn’t raise any money last year.

McDonnell picked up some in 2023, raising $22,486 and spending $8,500.

But he’d raised nearly $263,000 the year before, in 2022.

So, he starts 2024 with $277,012, more than Festersen, Harding, or Stothert.