As he campaigns across the state Republican Senator Pete Ricketts hits immigration, and President Biden’s policies at the border, hard.


Senator Pete Ricketts, Nebraska (R):  “Joe Biden paroled 1.2 million people into the country last year, when previously presidents had only allowed five or six thousand.”

This week Biden announced an executive order providing legal status to undocumented people who are married to U.S. citizens. Their children are also included. To qualify, a person must have lived in the U.S. for at least 10 years.

President Joe Biden: “They’ve been living in the United States all this time with fear and uncertainty. We can fix that.”

Ricketts quickly blasting the order, arguing:

Senator Pete Ricketts, Nebraska (R):Instead of addressing the catastrophe at our border, President Biden’s executive amnesty rewards illegal aliens who broke our laws.”

Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security: "What this measure signifies is the president's leadership in the face of congressional inaction.”

Democrat Preston Love is running against Ricketts.

Jordan: “Has President Biden mishandled the border?”

Preston Love, Senate Candidate (D): “No, I think President Biden inherited a very difficult situation.”

Back on the campaign trail Ricketts found this Plattsmouth crowd on this side.

Audience member 1: "How do we know for sure that we’re not getting far more illegal immigrants than the numbers?”

Audience member 2: “I just don’t see, why aren’t they getting prosecuted.”

Joe Jordan, NCN: “It appears for the most part, you’re preaching to the choir. Why do you do this?”

Sen. Ricketts: “Well, one of the things I want people to take away from here is to have the facts.”

One fact both sides can agree on the border is a major issue going into November. A recent Gallup poll found it the number two issue facing America.