To the surprise of many gas prices across the state continue to drop.


According to the experts, when adjusting for inflation, gas prices are in line with where they were before COVID.

Right now, the statewide average is $3.19 a gallon, and that’s down from $3.25 a week ago, $3.30 a month ago and $3.32 a year ago.

Some even cheaper prices are kicking up in and around Omaha. Here’s a sample: $3.09, $3.05, $2.99, $2.93, and even as low as $2.87.

The White House insists the lower prices are part of an overall push against inflation.

Lael Brainard/ Director, National Economic Council: We really need to keep working on bringing costs down. That's going to be our focus in terms of grocery, housing, gas prices, health care.

As News Channel Nebraska reported earlier those low prices are also likely tied to the Biden Administration’s decision to  release one million barrels of gasoline from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That started Memorial Day and left GOP Senator Pete Ricketts complaining (that):

Sen. Pete Ricketts, Nebraska (R): “The Strategic Petroleum Reserve should be used for real emergencies, not political emergencies caused by President Biden’s war on American energy. The president’s abuse of this oil reserve – to shore up his failing poll numbers – has made us less safe and more reliant on our adversaries. We must embrace an all of the above energy strategy to restore energy independence.”


It’s not clear if the lower prices will continue throughout the summer, when higher demand usually sends prices upward.