HASTINGS, Neb. – High schoolers from all across the state are making their home at Hastings College this week to dive head first into high level art programs.

"The idea is to get them a foot in the door for college, and then also see what college classes can be like," said Hastings College Theatrical Design and Technology Professor Kathy Turner. "It's an intensive program, but it allows them to get a taste of what Hastings College has to offer."

38 students from as far away as Oklahoma, to residents right here in Hastings are getting a taste of visual and performing arts at the college level during the annual Open Space program.

From theater and costume making, to glass blowing and ceramics work, students have five days in their respective programs to learn a lot about their specific interests in a short amount of time.

"Open Space is unique here on campus because we get the students in depth with what they're doing," said Turner. "It's not just a quick paint-by-number, or here's a coloring sheet sort of thing, we're putting them into the college level work."

Brooke Jorgenson attended Open Space as a high school junior, and is now a camp counselor helping with theater.

Her and the students she looks after have been working for more than 10 hours a day on their projects, and she says it’s good to have them outside their comfort zone.

"Things can happen in an instant in theater especially," said Jorgenson. "It's really good to be able to switch on a dime and do something different if it requires it."

Students have until Friday to experience everything Open Space has to offer, before they will show off their creations and performances to the public on Saturday.

"I think our goal with this camp is not only to introduce people to the arts here at Hastings College, but also to create a kind of community," said Jorgenson. "And hopefully long-lastings friendships, as well as educational experiences for students."